A Comprehensive Guide to VPS Hosting Providers for 2024

In the rapid technological development, web hosting services are an important factor to consider in building an online presence. In the myriad range of web hosting services, VPS hosting has gained significant attention. The reason VPS hosting is in more demand is because of its virtualization technology and affordability. Even shared hosting servers are affordable but the resources are shared among multiple users. In VPS hosting with cpanel resources are dedicated to a single client.

While both managed VPS hosting and standard web hosting offer solutions, they cater to different needs.  For users seeking more control and flexibility at a reasonable price, an affordable Windows VPS might be the perfect fit.  These VPS options provide dedicated resources and the ability to install Windows-specific software, making them ideal for tasks that require a more robust environment.

Comprehensive Guide to VPS Hosting Providers

This is the fundamental difference between both web hosting services. This article has outlined different managed VPS hosting service providers in India with the reason for choosing it. Let’s dive into the details.

Why Choose VPS Hosting Services?

Resource Isolation

VPS hosting plans give a guaranteed server resource such as CPU, RAM, and storage, This isolation prohibits noisy neighbours from intruding into the system. With this, clients get consistent performance of their website even during traffic spikes.

Enhanced Performance

VPS hosting servers have dedicated resources like bare metal servers which translates into higher website performance compared to shared hosting. Faster loading times and smoother user experiences will create a positive impact on search engine rankings and visitor retention.

Customization and Control

VPS hosting clients enjoy greater flexibility and control over their environment. They can choose the operating system, install custom software, and configure settings according to their specific requirements.


VPS hosting ensures the seamless scalability of websites. As your website grows, you can easily upgrade resources without migrating to a different server. Thus, there is no downtime issue or data loss during the website’s functionality.


VPS hosting is not as costly as dedicated servers. But clients get similar features at a fraction of the price which makes it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses seek a controlled balance between performance and affordability with the help of VPS hosting servers.

Top VPS Hosting Providers in India 2024


MilesWeb ranks #1 in India catering to a wide array of web hosting services. VPS hosting services offered by MilesWeb are pre-configured with different add-ons and features. Acronis Cloud backup, free cPanel, and 360 Server monitoring are some of the add-ons that facilitate the website’s functionality.

MilesWeb’s robust VPS hosting plans are affordable and it helps websites to Pass Core Web Vitals score also. Clients get full root access and 1 dedicated IP address which shows the isolation power of their servers. The web host does not compromise with security standards and therefore offers free SSL with every managed VPS hosting plan.

Cost: Plans start at ₹630 per month.

Host IT Smart

Host IT Smart offers fully secured and industry-compliant VPS hosting servers with high-quality storage and fast speed bandwidth. Comparing MilesWeb and Host IT Smart clearly shows that clients get fewer hardware resources in Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting plans. Unlike MilesWeb, Host IT Smart offers SSD storage. SSD storage is an outdated storage technology because the industry’s best is SSD NVMe storage which is offered by MilesWeb. That is why Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting plans cost are lower and have limited VPS hosting plans.

Cost: Plans start at ₹360 per month.


BigRock has limited data center locations where their VPS servers are located. Only India and US data centers have VPS hosting servers. Hence, there is a potential downtime of the website if the website visitors remotely located will experience performance lag. Moreover, BigRock does not have scalable VPS hosting plans as MilesWeb does. BigRock’s VPS hosting plans offer limited storage space and RAM size.

Cost: Plans start at ₹329 per month.


CloudTechitq’s VPS hosting plans are pre-configured with Intel and AMD processors. They offer plans at a competitive price backed by a knowledgeable VPS administrator team. Like MilesWeb, they offer cutting-edge server management tools for simplified customization and scalability. However, the pricing structure may not be in favor of beginners because CloudTechitq has a triennial billing model.

Cost: Plans start at ₹66,924 per 3 years.


YouStable offers budget-friendly VPS hosting plans that are powered by SSD NVMe storage, advanced DDoS protection, and effortless migration. They emphasize reliability with a 100% reliability guarantee on their DirectAdmin VPS plans. YouStable’s VPS plans are built on KVM virtualization for better performance and security. Clients can monitor their website and get important alerts and updates about their VPS hosting account directly in their mailbox.

Cost: Plans start at ₹574 per month.


The VPS hosting landscape offers a vast array of options, each catering to specific needs and budgets. By understanding your requirements and leveraging the insights from this guide, you’re well-equipped to choose the ideal VPS partner for propelling your project to success.

MilesWeb stands out as a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable, feature-rich VPS experience. They consistently rank highly in performance, uptime, and customer support. Whether you’re a growing business or a tech-savvy individual, MilesWeb offers scalable plans that adapt to your needs.

Remember, selecting the right VPS provider is a critical decision. Take advantage of free trials, explore detailed reviews, and don’t hesitate to reach out to provider support teams. With careful consideration, you can harness the power of VPS hosting to elevate your online presence and achieve your digital goals.

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