7 Killer Link Building Techniques to rank higher on Google [7th method is the best]!

Facing issues in making high-quality backlinks for your website?

I was like you back then, but then I tried and tested some popular link-building techniques and came up with the ones that worked for me.

In this post, I am going to tell you 7 Killer Link Building Techniques to rank higher on Google.

All these techniques are personally used by and work great

So, let’s jump into it:

What is link building in SEO?

Link building is the process of making backlinks for your website on high quality sites in your niche.

It is one of the major ranking factor for Google.

Back then links were build in quantity but as Google evolved it now understand that 1 link from a high authority site is better than 100 links from spammy sites

Along with rankings, backlinks helps your website get exposure and gain a handful of referral traffic.

So there are many other benefits of link building other than getting higher ranking on Google.

Why Is Link Building so Important?

Link building is so important because Google counts your website’s link on external website as a vote which makes your website qualified to rank higher on Google.

Along with that due to coronavirus, there is a sudden rise of bloggers which has filled the internet with blogs.

And due to this, 66.31% of the websites on the web have zero backlinks.

This makes it more important for you to make links for your website so that you can beat your competition 

Can you rank on Google without backlinks?

Yes, there are some micro niches where you can rank on Google without backlinks.

But I suggest that you have to put in some efforts for making backlinks even for micro niche blogs.

Because if the competition increases in the niche, then you would need backlinks for ranking on Google.

How do backlinks affect Google’s rankings?

Backlinks are one of the three most important google ranking factor according to Google.

But why does backlinks affect Google rankings?

This answer lies within the popular Google algorithm E-A-T.

E – Expertise

A – Authority 

T – Trust Worthiness

If you have links of your blog posts on authoritative websites in your niche, it tells Google the expertise of your content, as other big websites are linking to it.

Along with that, it tells Google the authority as many big established websites are linking to your content.

Backlink is a kind of vote for Google.

More the votes, more Google have trust on it to rank higher on Google.

And this explains the reason why backlinks are one of the top most ranking factors for any search engine.

Is link building still the most powerful SEO strategy?

No, link building is not the most powerful SEO strategy.

Instead, the cumulative effect of the top 3 ranking factors of Google are.

The top three ranking factors of Google are:

  • Content
  • Rank Brain
  • Link Building

Your blog post can’t rank solely on link building if the content in it is shitty or not aligned according to search intent.

Some things to consider before starting link building

Before starting your link building campaign, there are some things which you should definitely consider:


Relevancy is a super important factor in link building because if you run a gaming blog you can’t make backlinks of it on a fitness blog.

Google counts these irrelevant links as spam and instead of making your ranking higher, it actually degrades your rankings.


The more the authority of the site which you have backlinks on, more it would pass you link juice to your site

Which would lead to increase in DA PA of your website.

If you are new to blogging, then it is not possible that you get a link from big websites like neilpatel.com.

Eventually you write high quality content and market it, then even you can get links from these websites as well.  

Spam Score

Another big factor which can affect the backlink quality is the spam score of the website you have backlink on.

If the website have a high spam score means that the website is bad in the eyes of Google.

And you can’t expect to be good in the eyes of Google by having a link of your website on a website which is itself not good in the eyes of Google.

Link Placement

Do you think all the links on your website have the same value in the eyes of Google?

The answer is no because text embedded links have more value than the links in the sidebar or in author bio.

So, focus on building backlinks within the content, as it gives you more link juice.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is another important parameter which decides how much link juice you will get from that backlinks.

If you get a backlink on a keyword rich anchor text, it would pass the maximum link juice to your website.

But beware if you are getting backlinks on the exact keyword anchor text that you have optimized your blog post on because it is a red signal for you.

As Google hates it and counts as bad backlink.

Link Building Tactics to rank higher on Google

Here are some personally used link building tactics that I use to make backlinks:

Infographic Link Building

The first and the easiest method to make backlinks is by making infographics.

You can make infographics easily with the help of Canva or Visme.

Infographic Link Building

I personally use Canva because it gives you a lot of infographic templates that you can edit according to your needs.


Also, you make it from scratch and add elements to it.

Don’t forget to mention your website’s link at the bottom of the infographic.

Next, after making an infographic, you have to go to google and search for blogs related to your infographic.

For example, if you have made an infographic about Core Web Vitals, then you can target websites ranking for “how to make your website load fast?”.


Find the email of the owner and send them a feeler email like this template:


If they agree to send them your infographic, then send them the infographic.

And in a polite manner, ask them for linking out to your website.

Note – Do send the infographic in WebP format so that it would look without harming the speed of the website.

Skyscraper Technique

This technique was named by Brian Dean from Backlinko.

It consists of three steps:

  • Step 1 – Finding a content
  • Step 2 – Making the best version of it
  • Step 3 – Promote the heck out of it

First you have to find content which you have to make the skyscraper post on.

For that, just put your competitor’s website in Ahrefs and click on its top pages section in the left sidebar.


You would get a lot of great content ideas.

Next, you have to make the best post on that topic.

For that, you have to find subheadings that you can find from Quora.


You have to analyze the top 10 ranking websites and mention the common in your article too.

analyze website in search result

Add some infographics from Pinterest and videos from YouTube.

At last, you have to promote the epic piece of content that you have created.

For that, here are some things that you can do to promote your post:

  • Mail influencers mentioned in the posts, telling them you have linked them.
  • Run Facebook ads if you have some budget.
  • Make backlinks with guest posting, which I will tell you later in this post.

Roundup Posts

Another easy way to make backlinks for beginners is to make a roundup post that involves big bloggers in it.

For creating the roundup, you have to find the question to ask the bloggers participating in the roundup

You can go to Quora and type in the topic you want to make a roundup on.

For example, I searched for “blogging tips” and here are some questions that you can make a roundup on.

roundup posts

Next, pick up the best question from all the questions.

After that, ask the popular bloggers in your niche if they want to be a part of the roundup or not.

If they say yes, then send them your questions and record their response.

Then make a post of it and after the post is published mail the bloggers who have participated in the roundup so that they can give you links and social shares.

Make Branded Strategies

Next way is a unique way for making backlinks.

For example, skyscraper technique was named by Brian Dean.

This technique was nothing new, marketers have been using it for a long time.

But he just made it in a step by step manner.

He mentioned this technique in many of his pillar content and even published a case study to prove its effectiveness.

Brand Strategies

So, find a technique, put them in step by step manner, name them and then prove it effectiveness by a case study.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the process of getting backlinks for your website by writing posts on other websites in a similar niche.

First, you have to find the website you want to do guest posting on.

Here is the list of websites that you can guest post on.

Find at least three topics on which you want to do guest posting.

For that, you have to plug the website you want to do guest posting in Ahrefs and then go to Top pages.

And choose the guest posting topic similar to the topic of their top pages.

Next, you have to send the guest post pitch to the owner of the website.

You can use this template.

Template Code

If the owner agrees to the guest posting, then make a great post for the website.

But do remember to read the guest posting guidelines of the website so that your post won’t get rejected.

Broken Link Building

This technique requires a paid SEO tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush.

For this, you have put the website that you want to have backlinks in the SEO tool.

I am using Ahrefs here.

On the left sidebar, click on the broken link.

broken link building

You would see a good amount of broken links on that website.

Pick up the do-follow ones.

Then mail the author telling them that you have found some broken links on their website, and you can send them if they say so.

And if they say yes, then send them the links and politely ask for a link for any of your posts.

Links from inferior content

By now, you might have got a link or two for your website by the methods that I have mentioned above.

And due to that, some of your keywords would have started ranking on the first page of Google.

Search that keyword you rank for in Google.

Pick the URL of the ranking of the website below you and put it in Ahrefs and see their backlinks.

links of inferior content

Go to each of the backlinks and ask the owner of the website to give your website backlink instead of your competitor by telling that you rank higher on Google than it.

Here is the email template you can follow:

email template

Dead End

So, that’s how you can make high-quality backlinks for your website.

Link building is not an easy process, it is a constant struggle to get some high-quality backlinks for your website.

Sometimes you will fail, sometimes you will pass, but don’t ever quit it.

Lastly, thanks, Vishwajeet Sir for letting me contribute to his lovely blog.

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  1. Hi Nishant,
    Thank you for writing this post! You have provided some good information here. When it comes to SEO, building backlinks is my favorite, although I’m not sure it I do it correctly all the time. Now I can make sure I am. Do you think someone could get a job just building backlinks for webpages?

  2. Backlinks are the real goldmine for every blog. It helps to determine the blog authority. And at the same time, it is a time taking process to earn backlinks. The bloggers should have to dedicate some time to build links and you have neatly presented the best methods. Following these ideas consistently will surely help. I have always been fond of writing and publishing guest posts. I set a goal every month and prepare a long list of blogs. Then I start pitching them with my ideas and get most of the deals successful under the grounds of mutual benefit. Hence I suggest everyone to effectively practise guest posting.

  3. I love all of the tips Nishant. The idea that stays with me is the one you bolded out: do not quit!

    Do not give up guys. Building links takes ample work and quite a long time elapses until you gain links from reputable sites. Keep at it. Persistence wins.


  4. Building backlinks is very crucial. You need to keep on finding new ways for building backlinks. Thanks for such amazing tips. I too regularly share tips to build backlinks on my blog. Let us keep visiting each other.

  5. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Thanks for sharing these effective link building techniques. Guest blogging & skyscraper is my two most favourite techniques that I use often to create links for my sites.

  6. You’re absolutely right. Link building is really important. I love link building, but it is a really time-consuming process. How to overcome that?
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