1 Often Ignored Blogging Factor

For all the hard work, creating and connecting involved in blogging the most ignored blogging factor evades most bloggers.

Clarity wins.

Bloggers often work their tales off but see scant success. I recall putting in serious time, energy and effort for a long time. But nothing seemed to happen. Nothing came together for me because I lacked clarity. Nothing happened because I did not get clear on my blogging campaign.

1 Often Ignored Blogging Factor

However, getting clear gave me a straight, narrow path on my blogging journey. I covered one topic: blogging tips. I also guest blogged solely – about – on blogging tips blogs, commented genuinely on blogging tips blogs and simply stuck to this single niche. Everything slowly but surely came together for me because I got clear. Getting clear was a mental decision I had to make. I had to journey deep into my mind to clear the fears causing any lack of clarity with my blogging campaign.

Clearing fear feels highly uncomfortable because doing so involves letting go. Letting go niches, topics and even extraneous blogging activities felt highly scary to me. I hated letting go. But letting was a critical part of getting clear because you need to let go of the unclear to get clear.

Getting clear feels unpleasant. I had to stop blogging about various topics I deemed to be important, fun to cover and flat out necessary to my blogging success. Letting go seemed damaging to my success at first because each topic had been a traffic driver, on some level. However, the off topic niches drove untargeted, generic traffic to my blog. Who cares if uninterested folks visited my blog? Talk about a vanity metric, eh? But getting clear moved me away from non-targeted traffic to hyper-targeted traffic. Traffic numbers increased too; do you see why getting clear in mind makes a different in volume and targeted terms?

People who feel your clarity share your single niche blog with like-minded folks who appreciate your clarity. Traffic numbers jump through the referrals but high-quality traffic also flows to your blog. Getting clear put everything into motion.

Stop working hard. Blog more intelligently. Gain clarity concerning your blogging campaign. Stop wasting motion. Do not be inefficient. Stop being ineffective. Give yourself time away from the laptop. Spend time in a quiet room. Pick one topic. Stick to one blogging niche. Do all from that blogging mindset. Develop a vision to stay on the straight and narrow as far as your single niche.

Guest post on blogs related to your blogging niche. Cover only your blogging niche through every blog post. Comment genuinely on blogs related to your niche. Monetize related to your blogging niche. Do you see how the power of clarity makes your blogging life easier? Covering one niche inside out:

  • develops your skills
  • builds your confidence
  • targets your traffic
  • pinpoints your profits
  • increase blog traffic
  • increases quality blog traffic
  • boosts your expertise
  • builds your authority

Get clear. Bloggers overlook getting clear because the ego believes working hard is the answer. Few use their mind. Most prefer to work hard to try to overcome a lack of clarity inducing struggles versus putting the laptop aside, thinking through their campaign, and allowing their struggles to dissolve into a clear blogging campaign.

Do the mental leg work. Get clear. Feeling clear in mind opens you up to easier, more confident blogging actions yielding greater blogging success.


What is blogging clarity?

If you need help understanding this concept check out this video:

What is Blogging Clarity?

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