Why Does it Seem Super Hard to Make Money Blogging?

Blogging seems difficult in money terms.

Driving traffic seems hard enough. Turning a blogging profit seems impossible. Why?

Most if not all human beings cling to money fears. You and I grow up being impressed with images of poverty, suffering, lack, and loss. Most scramble to get a job simply to avoid the terror of poverty in order to pay bills. Beginning a blog feels overwhelming because money fears arise again and again and again.

Why Does it Seem Super Hard to Make Money Blogging

I scanned my email a few moments ago. Seeing a few pitches allowed me to delete all emails in 5 seconds. Literally, I spent 5 seconds scanning emails before deleting every one. But years ago, seeing a handful of emails triggered deep money and life fears in mind. Did I not create enough? Did I create too much? What was I doing wrong? How could I help more people? What was the problem? Would I run out of money? Would I starve?

Each money fear and feeling arose in my mind since the ego impressed each money fear onto my mind for decades. Making money through blogging seems darn tough because bloggers cling to deep fears in mind projected onto blogging. How can you profit being programmed with loss? How can you go pro if being programmed with an abject fear of blogging success? Wading into blogging proves to be highly uncomfortable at times because facing, feeling and releasing money fears is no fun, enjoyable task.

Stop trying to outwork money fears to profit. No human can get over the fear within. Bloggers believe working 18 hour days dissolves money fears. But facing, feeling and releasing money fears is the sole way to get through these fears. Be with your mind. Observe the mind as it is. Sit with fear. Release fear. Slowly and steadily, releasing fear goads you to be truly helpful. Being truly helpful increases blogging profits since the skills, exposure and credibility gained by being genuinely helpful prospers you.

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No one can outwork fear buried deep in mind. Fear buried deep in mind never goes away based solely on taking physical action. However, feeling deep fear related to money clears the fear. Clearing the fear propels you into profitable actions like creating, connecting and monetizing generously. From there, profits grow for you but only because you journeyed deeper into the ego and its illusory fears.

Be willing to see the mind in the light of truth. Nothing feels so unpleasant as being straight with yourself. However, being honest frees you from shackles preventing your blogging growth.

Stop attempting to outwork blogging profits struggles. Let go your blogging bull in a china shop approach to earning profits. See fear. We all cling to deep fears. Money fears reign in all minds new to blogging, save a few. Imagine feeling terrified to owe $25 on a credit card bill. Observe Jeff Bezos experiencing $100 million losses during his first year of Amazon. Do you see what I mean? He cleared money fears in mind to raise enough capital and to go into enough debt to where he is now worth roughly $200 billion and has the most well-known business and brand on earth.

Before profiting blogging-wise one needs to get over money fears fueling the terror of being $25 bucks in debt each month. Bloggers cannot make bold profits power moves by feeling terrified to be $25 smackers in debt because said fear shackles you, holds you back and prevents you from being the blogger who profits handsomely.

Face your money fears!

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