Do You Seem Lost with the Blogging Times?

Sometimes I get emails from bloggers intending to place sponsored posts on my blog.

But I stopped placing sponsored posts 2-3 years ago.

I recently scanned an email of someone searching for an opportunity to place a sponsored post; he replied to an email thread. When did the last email pop up in the thread before he emailed me a few days ago?

September of 2019.

I do respect how people get busy, suffer through rough experiences and need to pull back from the online world for a bit. But replying to emails from 2 years ago expecting a blogger to not only honor the same rates and assuming the blogger works the same business model is tough. 2 years in the online world is similar to 20 years in the offline world. I have made 100s of changes to Blogging From Paradise during that time frame. I certainly changed my blog on the monetizing front, most of all.

Do you appear to be lost in the blogging times? Being left behind by not being flexible, timely, and open to change is a common error suffered by bloggers. Imagine picking up a newspaper from September of 2019. Imagine picking up a newspaper from today. Do you see what I mean? A LOT changes over 2 years in the offline world. But the online world is 10 times faster than the offline world for all leveraging potential available to bloggers.

I changed quite a bit on Blogging From Paradise since September 2019. I stopped accepting guest posts and sponsored posts years ago. Bloggers or brokers who pitch me guest posts and sponsored post opportunities are way out of the loop. How can you succeed if you fall asleep at the blogging wheel?

You and I have heard this saying: ya snooze, ya lose.

Unless you are alive, awake, active and continually following blogs intimately closely….you lose. The more out of the loop you are the more you lose. Being 2 years down the road or 5 years down the road via an email thread expecting business and rates not to have changed means you are completely asleep with your blogging head in the sand. Either you grow through creation and alertness or you die through self-service and the sleeping mind.

I do respect pulling back from blogging to rest and recuperate. But based on the average human life span you better drive back into the blogging game after a bit to be:

  • informed
  • up to date
  • active
  • timely
  • current

or else you will be perfectly equipped to live and thrive in a world that passed you by 1, 2, 5 or 10 years ago.

Think about your blogging campaign. Has time passed you by? Are you asleep at the blogging wheel? Do you need to wake up? Do you need to get current? Wake up! Get your blogging head out of the sand. Shake the cob webs. If you want to place anything on Blogging From Paradise stop blindly sending pitch emails. Fools harbor the sleeping mind. Fools pitch bloggers who have zero interest in opportunities. My blog clearly states how guest blogging, guest posting and whatever you wish to call it is 100% closed and has been closed for a long time.

Do you realize how much your mind sleeps in a cocoon of delusion if you send me an email asking to place a guest post on my blog? Do you see how much time you waste by trying to pitch someone who clearly states on his blog that he does not accept what you try to offer him?

Wake up. Do your homework. Get with the blogging times. Or be perfectly skilled to handle and thrive in a world that passed you by years ago.


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1 thought on “Do You Seem Lost with the Blogging Times?”

  1. Hi Ryan & Vishwajeet,

    It’s crazy to think that person held on to that email for 2 years!

    On my way to work this morning I was listening to the morning show of a local radio station. Every morning they send out an email to their subscribers. Well this morning the producer of the show forgot to change the date in the email template they use so the email sent this morning was dated August 2017. I wonder how many people actually noticed, other than the radio host and everyone listening this morning who heard about it before they opened their email.

    After all most people are asleep most of the time.



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