How Can You Increase Your Blogging Confidence?

Do you suffer from a lack of blogging confidence? Bloggers usually struggle for a suffering from a lack of blogging confidence?

Do you doubt yourself? Doubts fuel most blogging failures.

I doubted my blogging self for many years. Nothing seemed to work for me. I suffered for a bit because I did not believe in myself and my blog. But everything changed by choosing to boost my blogging confidence. How?

I blogged. A lot.

The simplest way to become a confident blogger is to blog. However, blogging entails a wide set of skills one must:

  • learn
  • practice
  • master

to blog enough in order to increase your blogging confidence.

Blogging increases blogging confidence. Get in the game. Write and publish blog posts. Write and submit guest posts. Network generously. Monetize your blog through multiple income channels. Engage in blogger outreach. Learn how to design your blog intelligently. Do as much blogging as you can to become a clear blogger. Practicing increases your blogging confidence. Blog!

Blogging religiously triggers ample fears. Doubts arise. I have blogged for 14 years. Being awake at 11 PM on a random Wednesday night to write and submit this guest post does not trigger fears for me now but solely because I triggered many guest blogging related fears over the prior 14 years. I guest post confidently now due to guest posting diligently for many years.

Guest blogging for years triggered various fears in my being. I feared:

  • being rejected
  • being criticized
  • failing to drive traffic and profits through guest blogging

The way through these doubts was guest blogging to unearth each fear, to feel each fear and to release each fear. I recall a high profile blogging tips blogger all but begging me to work with him as a freelance writer. I feared being rejected or even criticized so deeply that he walked me off of the blogging ledge. Another high profile blogging tips blogger goaded me to guest post for him even though I should have gobbled up that opportunity like Pac Man.

Fear reared its silly little head for a bit before I faced, felt and released guest blogging related fears. Guest blogging unearthed doubts I felt and let go to become a clear, confident guest blogger.

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Blogging gets easier if you blog diligently because practicing gives you blogging confidence. Confident bloggers blog with ease.

Be a well-rounded blogger for optimal results. Being a pro blogger does not simply mean writing and publishing blog posts. Blogging involves far more skills to develop patiently and persistently in order to become clear, confident and posturing.

Learn the basics of blogger outreach. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote bloggers without looking for anything in return. Trust in the process. Gain confidence in your blogger outreach skills. Be clear on knowing how to network freely with bloggers.

Never look to anyone else to give you blogging confidence. Feelings are an inside job. Perhaps you find inspiration through fellow bloggers but blogging diligently is the only way to develop genuine, lasting confidence. No course, eBook or coaching gives you blogging confidence only achieved through devout repetition. Doing gives you confidence in whatever you decide to generously, patiently and persistently do. Blogging is no different than any skill in the online or offline work.

Blog. Blog some more. Blog even more to become a highly confident blogger.

Repetition dissolves doubts.


I recorded a video a while back to help you become a confident and successful blogger.

Check out the video here:

1 Tip for Becoming a Confident and Successful Blogger

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