What Blogging Excuses Do You Need to Release?

Blogging excuses weigh you down.

Blogging excuses hold you back.

Each excuse eats into blogging growth; actually, every blogging excuse prevents your blogging growth.

What do you need to release?

Common blogging excuses relate to Google, Facebook and Twitter. Bloggers make excuses about Google being tough to game for driving blog traffic. Bloggers also whine about Facebook engagement being nill and Twitter being difficult to understand. But every single excuse is just fear in the ego that the ego chooses to grasp and use as a crutch. Release the fear and you release the excuse.

I drove little Google traffic prior to February of 2021. I made a few lame excuses:

  • SEO optimizing blog posts ate up too much of my time
  • ranking on page 1, position 1 would be too difficult with competition from seasoned pros
  • learning SEO basics seemed too uncomfortable for me

However, laying each excuse aside allowed me to follow sound SEO fundamentals and begin ranking quickly. The moment you cease to make blogging excuses you become the blogger who overcomes each excuse. Know this; laying aside blogging excuses may be a highly uncomfortable experience because the ego loves making a horse race out of everything.

My ego fought me on the Google traffic excuse. I clung to the idea for years; Google traffic is too tough to gain or a flat out waste of time for me. Letting go fears in mind fueling each excuse felt unpleasant. Ego wished to kick and scream as I dissected each fear and excuse. But coming out on the other side allowed me to begin doing things promoting search engine traffic.

All of a sudden, with no excuse holding me back, I set aside a good hour or 2 for properly writing and optimizing a blog post for SEO. I also ensured a solid Google rank by allowing each post to grow organically, versus trying to push, promote and micro-manage each post through multiple channels. Being present with my excuse lead to me overcoming the mental handcuffs. Admitting my blogging excuses seemed to be step 1 of the release process.

Some bloggers make excuses like:

  • I have a small email list
  • I have no connections
  • I have no blogging experience


  • build a bigger, targeted email list
  • make connections by executing a genuine blogger outreach campaign
  • gain blogging experience by…….blogging!

Excuses are odd. Re-read the prior 2 bullet point lists. The first list teemed with fear-filled excuses. The second list blew each blogging excuse to smithereens. No pro waits around for someone to spend months or years working through blogging excuses. In blogging, there is the quick or the dead. No one who succeeds empowers your excuses. I appreciate facing fear and dissolving mental blocks but never tolerate someone who makes blogging excuses because acknowledging mental handcuffs makes the cuffs feel stronger.

Let go your blogging excuses.

Proceed in a freeing direction.

Face fears in mind creating excuses. Clear fears. Let go anchors holding you back.

Does it make sense to hold on to limiting beliefs if the limiters cause your failure? All blogging failure is in the mind. Any thing or person who appears to be responsible for your failures is a simple projection of fear in your mind onto the thing or person. But the thing or person just is; the fear-excuse in your mind causes your problems.

Dwell on this idea for even a little bit to excuse yourself from making blogging excuses.


One common blogging excuse involves not having time to blog.

Why do you make that excuse? Why do you hold back?

Check out the video to ask yourself this important question:

Why Do You Hold Back?

1 thought on “What Blogging Excuses Do You Need to Release?”

  1. Hello Ryan and Vishwajeet,
    What a great article, and I was able to identify with all of the things you mentioned.
    Before I began blogging, I had so many lame excuses why I didn’t want to start one. I always felt that there are so many blogs out there and I didn’t have anything new to contribute. I’ve always thought it was too late for me to begin blogging. Those irrational concerns and justifications ultimately wore me down. Oh Boy what was I thinking?!!Despite the fact that I’ve only begun writing for a few months, I’m already pleased and regret not beginning sooner.
    Thanks again!


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