Do You Really Understand Blogging?

I scanned this post a few moments ago:

Do You Humble Yourself to Learn from Pro Bloggers?

I was a real blogging hot shot 13 years ago. I claimed to know blogging inside-out. But of course, I was a new blogger with zero experience, The ego deluded me into believing I knew how to blog successfully. However, I did not understand blogging at all. After moving through a stretch of publishing 60 thin posts daily between 2 blogs I learned my lesson. Blogging had lessons to teach me.

More importantly, professional bloggers who knew how to blog successfully had lessons to teach me. One such lesson: be mindful.

Be More Mindful

For example, embedding the video link and embed the file above seems borne of my mindfulness. Adding an outbound link to YouTube and a multi-media embed improves the SEO of Vishwajeet’s blog. Adding video also increases time spent on site in most cases because some readers click the video link or play button to stick around and watch the video.

Being mindful helps Vishwajeet, his blog, and his readers. But I am only mindful because I humbled myself, opened my mind to understanding blogging, and learned from professional bloggers how practicing mindfulness accelerates your success through the concept of helping people genuinely.

How can you be open to blogging understanding? Do you really understand blogging? Or do you have ample blogging lessons to learn from seasoned pros? Be open to learning from successful bloggers. Pros give you a better understanding of how to succeed online. Most importantly, admit how you may stubbornly charge forward claiming to completely understand blogging yet have no idea what you are doing. Legions of struggling bloggers claim to know how to blog the right way but the ego blinds them from admitting how they do not understand how to blog.

Serve yourself a piping hot piece of humble pie. Consume slowly to savor. Proceed to learn how to blog from pros. Admit to not understanding blogging in order to better know blogging via advice offered by veteran, professional bloggers. Pros teach how to blog the right way but one only learns from pros by owning how they are blogging the wrong, struggling, failing way.

Imagine if I never admitted to myself how I had no idea how to blog, some 13 years ago? I would still be publishing 60 thin posts daily between 2 blogs for nobody. I would never know you and you would never know me if I blogged for no one because you would never find me and I would never find you. Everything changed the moment I truly understand how I did not understand blogging, at all. Life changes by seeing yourself and blogging in the light of truth.

Stop claiming to know it all. Put the ego to the side. Learn from pros who teach you to create and connect generously. Trust in the blogging process. Be detached about blogging. Be truly helpful. Blogging gets easier if you face fears, create and connect for a bit. But one needs to understand blogging to follow these steps. Of course, most of us only understand how to blog the right way by freely admitting how we absolutely do not understand how to blog. That’s just the way the ego seems to work.

Understand blogging by putting the ego to the side. Learn from pros how to blog effectively. Position yourself to succeed.

8 thoughts on “Do You Really Understand Blogging?”

  1. Hi Ryan, great tips as we often go at 100 miles an hour instead of being more mindful with our work. I haven’t done a video in a while and need to get excited about doing one soon! Funny how I think each video has to be spectacular but really they have to answer a question that people want to be answered.
    I can feel the wheels spinning again – thank you, I needed that!

  2. Hey Vishwajeet,
    An excellent post by Ryan. Many of people jump in to the blogging world but they are not really aware what they have to do. Without proper knowledge and motive, it is a total waste of anyone’s time. Thanks for explaining so well!

  3. Hi Ryan, This is a very hard concept for some people to grasp. They don’t realize that you learn nothing if you already know everything. In fact your life becomes so much easier when you accept that you don’t know everything and make yourself open to learning.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    I relate to your story of not knowing what you were doing when you started years back but thinking you were an expert. That was how I started, and it wasn’t easy until I began learning the rules and best practices of blogging from pro bloggers. So, one needs to be mindful, conscious, or aware of the blogging best practices. Learn to blog from expert bloggers to generate better returns on your investments. Invest in blogging courses, get a mentor or coach to help facilitate your learning process.
    Thanks for this article, Ryan, and thank you too, Vishwajeet, for publishing!


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