What Missing Link Does Google Want?

One aspect of search traffic seems to be the missing link to most bloggers.

Consider this missing link an SEO strategy involving valued links and human beings.

What is it?


Google wants you to publish valuable, relevant, evergreen content. The Big G also wants you to create properly formatted posts. But the missing link involves setting up a team effort between credible bloggers who publish helpful content relevant to the blog and the post itself. Google loves when bloggers think like teammates via their linking strategy.

Consider linking to a trusted blog post via a trusted, authority blog. Google loves this as a trust factor but also because you and a fellow blogger co-create to offer a valued resource for Google users. Drilling deeper, frame each blog post you publish as an inanimate part of your blogging team. Linking in to valuable blog posts sets up a non-sentient team that passes authority between links. Linking in to helpful posts appeals to Google because The Big G looks good if Google visitors click through to other valued resources on your blog.

Never publish solely link-less blog posts. Beware linking to non-credible sources. Be cautious in linking to blogs outside of your blogging niche. Do your best to create a detailed, rich resource through your blog content and by establishing a concept of teamwork between yourself and fellow skilled bloggers who publish beneficial, relevant content.

Lisa Sicard published one of my guest posts on her blog:

3 Things to Keep in Mind and Tips for Travel Bloggers

Linking to this post gives aspiring and current travel bloggers a helpful resource but also creates teamwork between Vishwajeet, Lisa, and I. Three beats one when it comes to any blogging campaign geared toward gaining exposure and credibility. Google automatically gives this post greater authority because The Big G loves the team effort between:

  • the blogger who owns the blog: Vishwajeet
  • the guest blogger: Ryan Biddulph
  • the blogger who runs the blog I linked to: Lisa Sicard

Drilling even deeper, linking to resources from more than one blog expands the blogging team. Even though none of us three bloggers personally know Neil Patel, Google sees any post of his we link to via this guest post as him joining the blogging join. I cover the teamwork angle and Neil covers the page 1 ranking angle. Crawlers now note 2 valued outbound links within this post. Four bloggers joined the blogging team to create a rich resource that makes Google look good.

Whether you are a pro blogger in India or anywhere on earth, teamwork makes the dream work. Link out to valued resources to employ the concept of teamwork and link into helpful posts to further enhance this idea.

The team approach to linking works because Google knows that you cannot cover it all by yourself. Every blogger shares different skills, varying talents and various niches. I drill down into blogging mindset tips but Neil knows SEO specifics inside-out. Other bloggers boast different special talents. Google sees the full body of work.

Linking to a rich collection of relevant, credible blog posts increases the size and scale of your blogging team. Google loves this because Google looks good each time a Google visitor links to yet another valued resource from your blog post. The end result: you’re far more likely to rank on page 1 of Google by linking out to valued resourced because Google loves a team approach to blogging. Plus you will likely increase your blogging motivation as you gain traction through search engines.

Practical Tips for Employing Blogging Teamwork to Appease Google

  • link only to valued resources guaranteed to add value to your blog posts
  • link solely to relevant resources completely aligned with both the blog post and blogging niche
  • link in to helpful posts on your blog
  • link early and often to grow your blogging team and to send a loud, clear message to Google; you run a trusted resource with thorough content as well as links to other trusted resources

Focus on fostering a team approach through your blog. Not only will Google dig your broad strategy, you’ll also go far beyond where you could go as a solo, lone wolf blogger trying to do everything via your own steam. Blogging also feels fun as a team and quite depressing and lonely as a solo effort.

Teamwork makes the blogging dreamwork.

2 thoughts on “What Missing Link Does Google Want?”

  1. Hi Ryan and Vishwajeet, oh yes, link out for relevant content and help others along the way as you do! It takes teamwork for sure in the blogging community. No one can do it alone today with so much competition out there.
    Thanks for the mention Ryan and Vishwajeet! I hope you both have a great day.


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