Experience Blazing Speed With MilesWeb’s Hosting!

WordPress is the best CMS that powers more than 40% of websites online. Prominent business, news, and eCommerce brands have built their online presence through managed WordPress hosting services.  Speed is the crucial factor that helps in building the credibility of a website. Reliable WordPress hosts use exemplary web hosting UK infrastructure to pace the website’s speed and maintain a higher uptime.

Out of several WordPress hosting services, rely on MilesWeb’s affordable WordPress hosting services. MilesWeb has been the top-notch web hosting company since 2012 which offers enterprise-grade cpanel hosting UK and WordPress hosting services with a plethora of features. Read this guide to know how MilesWeb WordPress hosting service boosts the website and scores maximize conversions.

How MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting Fastens the Website’s Speed?

Experience Blazing Speed With MilesWeb's Hosting

SEO Friendly Theme

WordPress hosting services bring SEO friendly themes pre-configured in their plans. With MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting, users get updated SEO-friendly themes bundled with plans. These themes enhance the website browsing experience on multiple devices. However, research shows that SEO-friendly themes are faster than non-optimized themes.

Mobile-friendly SEO themes are available in MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plans. According to reports, these themes account for more than 50% of website traffic. So, it is a good idea to run your site through a mobile‐friendly test tool to make sure it performs well on mobile devices.

Get an SSL Certificate

Website security is a paramount factor to consider when choosing a web host. Different elements in the WordPress website shield the data. One among them is SSL certificates. If you want to check your SSL certificate for the domain, check the small padlock displayed at the front of the page URL.

MilesWeb offers a free SSL certificate which adds a layer of coding on the WordPress website. It encrypts the connection between browsers and webpages. Also, it protects the user’s sensitive data. If you have an SSL certificate for your site, this will also change your URL from http.yoursite.com to https.yoursite.com.

Having an SSL certificate indicates to users that your site has a secure connection, and this can increase trust and the number of pages viewed, and decrease bounce rates.

Advanced Cache

WordPress hosting plans of MilesWeb are bundled with LiteSpeed and LSCache caching technologies. With the help of this caching, users can reduce the load on network congestion and backend resources. Caching stores copies of data in a cache, which is a high-speed data storage layer that computers and devices use to quickly access frequently used data.

When a user visits a website, their browser downloads data to load the content on the page. Caching speeds up this process by storing the content on the page and saving a copy of it on the device’s hard drive. The next time the user loads the page, most of the content is already stored locally and the page will load much more quickly.

SSD NVMe storage

Enterprises prefer fast website loading speed and therefore latest storage technology boosts the website’s performance. MilesWeb incorporates SSD NVMe storage in their WordPress hosting plans. This kind of storage technology boosts the website’s speed. SSD NVMe storage is compatible with newer technologies, such as AI, ML, and the cloud.

Having such storage technology allows users to transfer multiple 100 GB files a day or use applications that write thousands of smaller files to disk. Combined with the PCIe bus and the increased read and write speeds of NAND technology, the NVMe protocol creates faster non-volatile storage. The combination of the NVMe protocol and the PCIe connection in an SSD results in read and write speeds that are 4x faster than a SATA SSD with an SCSI protocol.


The technological era is evolving. Hence, in this fast paced world, website speed is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. MilesWeb’s hosting solutions, with their focus on blazing-fast SSD NVMe storage and LiteSpeed caching, can ensure your website loads in a flash, keeping your visitors happy and engaged. With their reliable uptime guarantee and a range of plans to suit any need, MilesWeb empowers you to take your website to the next level. So why wait? Unleash the full potential of your online presence with MilesWeb’s hosting today!

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