Do You Feel Stuck with Your Blogging Campaign?

Feeling stuck with your blogging campaign is quite common.

Everyone slams into resistance sometimes not unlike running into a brick wall because you’re looking the other way.

Traffic struggles, profits problems, and general blogging obstacles assail every blogger from time to time. But wise bloggers admit feeling stuck to move in the opposite direction.

Do You Feel Stuck with Your Blogging Campaign

I felt like I was a bit stuck recently. Even though I experienced some search engine success I lost the strong fire I generally hold for blogging. Why? I became robotic versus honoring my free-flowing self. But digging deeper into my mind revealed I migrated away from writing content prolifically toward promoting content freely but writing content sparingly.

Today marked a new day for my blogging campaign. I felt a strong surge to begin guest posting freely once again. But everything changed solely because I admitted; I felt stuck with my blogging campaign. Seeing my mind and blogging duties truthfully goaded me in the opposite direction. I moved from stuck to unstuck fast only because I observed myself feeling stuck.

Do you feel stuck? Be honest with yourself. Avoid sticking your blogging head in the sand. I intend to SEO-optimize blog posts going forward but felt a bit stuck optimizing every single post on Blogging From Paradise for search engines. I moved from my passion toward plodding work. Realizing this stuck feeling preceded by general boredom with blogging propelled me forward out of feeling stuck toward moving freely.

Be straight with yourself. Observe your blogging campaign. Did you lose your blogging fire? Do you lack blog post ideas? Do you never seem to find the time to blog? Either blogging is not for you or you need to let go of dispassionate work for your blogging passion. Blogging should feel fun mostly or else you’re doing it wrong. Blogging should not feel like an endless struggle because experiencing these resistant energies means trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Every blogger feels good doing different things. Some feel passionate about building an email list. Other bloggers deeply enjoy guest posting. Some bloggers exhibit a deep passion for vlogging. Finding your passion promotes your greatest blogging success because like-minded people feel the passion and respond favorably. However, bloggers also feel dispassionate bloggers and stay away. Struggling bloggers are usually unenthusiastic types who attempt to force their way robotically through blogging.

I want to stress how I likely will SEO-optimize blog posts here and there going forward but won’t mindlessly take this route unless doing so feels good for me and you. If I do not feel good you do not receive my best content and good vibes. But if I do feel good you and I both benefit. Everything changes when you admit to being stuck then decide to move in the opposite direction.

Practical Tips for Getting out of a Blogging Rut

  • admit that you feel stuck
  • feel fears fueling your blogging stagnation
  • move in the opposite direction by listening closely to advice from blogging mentors
  • take frequent breaks from blogging to dissolve resistance through the habit of surrender; give yourself 5-10 minutes of blogging-free time every hour
  • meditate often to reveal fears in mind fueling stuck sensations
  • observe why you stopped following your passion to robotically follow mindless steps

Feeling stuck may indicate that blogging is not for you. Be at peace with this realization. Blogging is not for everyone because every person walks a different path.

Blogging was not for me for the first 30 plus years of my life. Blogging has been for me for the prior 13 years but I certainly will not blog for the rest of my life. Eventually, I will either sell my blog or simply convert it into a completely passive income-earning asset. Life is bigger than blogging because freedom means the most to me.

Let go blogging if stuck-ness entails losing a passion for:

  • writing
  • networking
  • serving

Find your passion in a niche outside of blogging to energize yourself.

But for bloggers who still love blogging but seem stuck simply observe your fears to note why you migrated from blogging your passion to doing some robotic, mindless activity solely because mentors told you to take that path.

4 thoughts on “Do You Feel Stuck with Your Blogging Campaign?”

  1. Hi Ryan, I do feel stuck from time to time and finding it harder to find other bloggers to connect with. I think partially because social media is getting fragmented and older bloggers retiring or quitting and maybe I’m not where the newer ones are. But when I have people thanking me for mentioning this or that I know I’m on the right track. That inspires me!
    Sometimes, we just need a break, a long walk, or a day or two away.

    • I have found a similar issue too, Lisa. Many bloggers are getting old or retiring and I seem to have a tough time finding bloggers to network with and befriend. Guest blogging and ramping up my posting schedule as well as bonding more strongly with blogging buddies like yourself seems to be getting me through this little lull.

  2. Hey Ryan, you nailed it very well.

    Yes, Networking is the key in blogging.

    Writing daily is a good habit for blogging.

    Thank you Ryan for this post. Keep post such helpful content here.

  3. Hello again Ryan!
    I think one of the most exciting things about blogging is you can truly make it your own. When you are open to personal growth and enlightenment amazing things can happen. Easy to say, I’m currently not stuck. I’m sure I will have different thoughts on this at some point down the road. You continually stress the importance of being honest with your self and facing/working through your fears, and I love that. It is hard, messy work sometimes but so necessary if you want to live your best life.


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