What Recent Dramatic Decision Boosted My Blogging Output Overnight?

I felt stuck over the past few weeks.

My wife and I had just returned home from Panama after a 5 month trip to the tropical country. Being back in the States felt good. But blogging felt stale.

I pulled back on promoting my:

  • eBooks
  • courses
  • audio books
  • paperbacks

for intuitive reasons.

I also pulled back on guest blogging for over 6 months.

But everything changed one morning recently. Not only did I begin promoting my premium products again, I felt a nudge to make a dramatic decision.

What was it?

I deleted:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

from my phone.


I wasted a few hours daily collectively checking the phone a bit too much combined with publishing content to each platform. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram rock if used effectively. I did not use each platform effectively at all.

Fear arose in my mind the moment I decided to delete each app. Would I lose massive traffic? Would I reply in a timely fashion to folks who chatted me up on each platform? What about leaving Instagram hanging to dry? Would I forfeit serious traffic by ceasing to use the platform?

Each uncomfortable fear danced around like demons in my mind. I even felt a little depressed, like 3 good friends deserted me each time I reached for my phone.

But the results of my dramatic decision instantly increased my blogging output.

What Happened?

I began publishing 1-3 helpful posts to Blogging From Paradise daily

I also began submitting 3-4 guest posts daily. On some days, I placed 3-4 guest posts since I have publishing rights on various blogs.

During this time frame, professional blogger David Boozer also wrote and sent this generous testimonial my way via Messenger:

David Boozer Testimonial for Ryan Biddulph

I cannot explain the idea logically, but emotionally, when you face a deep fear and let go of blogging inefficiencies in the process, prospering doors open immediately. David wrote that kind of endorsement 1 day after I deleted the apps from my phone and set an intention to promote my premium offerings. It is almost like he felt the intent in my mind and beat me to it because he strongly endorsed my blogging course.

But it gets even better.

Amol Chavan promoted one of my recent blog commenting blog posts via his latest updated blog post:

7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Making More Sales

Imagine a series of dominoes falling over the past 2 days. I make a scary but effective decision. My output jumps immediately but so does generous promotion from my kind, successful blogging buddies David and Amol.

Plus, dear friends like Sazzadul Bari, Mudassir Ahmed, and Vishwajeet, this blog’s owner, have promoted me tirelessly for years via generous guest post invites I happily gobbled up.

Dramatic results manifest after making dramatic decisions guaranteed to scare you a little bit or a lot. But honestly observing my largely time-wasting ways as far as app usage made the decision easier than you may think. What helps me and you most? Does staring at apps on my phone help us collectively? Or does writing blog posts and guest posts for us better benefit all involved?

Of course, guest blogging 2, 3 or 4 times daily beats staring at a phone. However, leaving my comfort zone still feels unpleasant because I am an unenlightened human being. Fear still bothers me.

What dramatic changes do you need to make? What do you need to release? Be ruthless in observing yourself and your blogging campaign in the light of truth. Maybe you need to begin guest blogging to expand your reach. Perhaps engaging in a genuine blogger outreach campaign catapults you outside of your comfort zone.

Whatever changes you need to make, take that path.

Increased blogging success meets bloggers who let go of what they have outgrown.

3 thoughts on “What Recent Dramatic Decision Boosted My Blogging Output Overnight?”

  1. Hi Ryan, that’s too funny because I had deleted FB off my phone back in January and was thinking about deleting more of those apps just this morning! It can be such a time suck and you just proved it to us now. Thanks for your input on this.
    I believe commenting on other blogs can take over social media for bloggers today and in the future with the way social has been of late.


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