How do I clear my Netflix history?

We live in the era of Netflix. Whether you have a  job, are an entrepreneur, or an alien, well yeah, everyone just loves Netflix. How is Netflix different from a torrent or something else? 

Well, you can stream movies and TV series. (So what? There are other apps that can do that, huh?) Well, with Netflix it’s legal, that’s all. And given its popularity, I took it upon myself to write an article on how to clear Netflix’s history. The reason for the “obvious” benefits I don’t need to mention, right? If you’re new to Netflix, here’s how to find new movies on Netflix.

What is Netflix?

It’s okay if you don’t already know about Netflix. Maybe that’s why you got here, maybe it’s not. What is Netflix and what is it for?

Netflix is an online movie theater that includes a huge media holding company for TV shows, series, movies, as well as applications for Smart-TV, computers, and mobile devices. The service is very popular all over the world. All thanks to its series and TV shows, which are considered the highest ratings.

In this section, we’ll go over the basics of Netflix so you don’t embarrass your tech-savvy friends.

Netflix is currently the leader in streaming both movies and TV series. Not only is it a streaming website, they have also made their original series such as Orange Is the New Black.

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Why is Netflix so popular?

It currently has 65 million subscribers, and that amount is growing as fast as you can imagine. Netflix started by sending DVDs to users and in the short span of 8 years has grown into a giant company that streams 3 billion hours of video every month. In addition, Netflix is more than just a website for streaming movies and series. They’ve also made their own original series, and they’ve become a tradition.

The total number of hours Netflix users watched in 2015 was 42.5 billion hours of streaming.

10 billion hours users spend watching Netflix in the 2015 report. That’s growing rapidly as new reports come out.

Although sharing your Netflix password is not recommended, if your account is logged in from more than two devices, you will be locked out.

But 30 percent of Netflix users manage to share credentials.

Netflix is currently available for streaming movies, older movies, and some original series. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black is the titles.

Using Netflix, any movies you’ve watched will be saved to history. We can help you remove the history from Netflix.

Some users may want to hide certain activities from others. In this post, we’ll look at how to delete Netflix movie viewing history or remove certain movies from your viewing history.

So you’ll never feel uncomfortable even if someone checks your account activity. This will help keep you out of those awkward moments we talked about.

If you’re wondering how to watch Netflix on TV, here’s a very simple guide explaining how to watch Netflix on TV.

You also can watch Netflix from anywhere. Literally anywhere using the Netflix DNS codes. You may find more info about this and use it for your purposes.

Why to delete history on Netflix?

This new feature avoids embarrassment, so your coworkers or anyone else can’t see the list of movies you watched last night or afternoon when you were alone or with your “best friends,” maybe! (We all have a “special” circle, huh?)

This will also help you clear your activity feed.

Well, basically our history is sort of our personal journal, eh? We just don’t want everyone sticking their noses into our personal interests.

Well, personally, I’m a very private person, I don’t like others checking my playlist or photo album, and the same goes for my Netflix account, so I have no doubt that I would like my Netflix viewing history to come off the charts.

If you have a Netflix Child account, you probably won’t have the option to delete recently watched Netflix movies. That’s because you don’t want your child to fall in the wrong ditch, but otherwise, you can continue.

How do I clear my Netflix history?

If you want to clear recently viewed Netflix yourself, here are the instructions.

  • Log in to your Netflix account. 
  • Enter the “MY Activity” page; you will be able to notice that after each movie title there is a delete ‘x’ button. If you click on that, the title of that particular movie will disappear.
  • To confirm, you see this message “will be deleted from your actions on all devices within 24 hours.”

In addition, you want to delete the Netflix history to stop seeing recommendations based on your watched movie on Netflix.

So yes, it’s pretty much about how to clear Netflix’s history. And, as you must have noticed by now, it didn’t require a lot of academic degrees or technical knowledge, but just a touch of the screen.


I like watching Netflix. My family does. My friends as well. I guess you may turn your TV on (after reading the article) and find some good series there. I am sure you will succeed.

So, I assume this article has solved your curious questions about how to clear Netflix history or how to clear recently watched on Netflix, right? However, you may have some doubts, and that’s why the comment box still works! Use this.

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