Top Tools for Bloggers That are a Necessity in 2021

If you have good content and a knack for SEO, then you can successfully monetize your blog in no time. When you start, many online blogging tools can help you keep your data safe and drive more traffic to your blog. In this post, you will learn about some Top Tools for Bloggers. With the passage of time, you can even start earning a stable income from blogging alone. With Spectrum WiFi plans, users can even manage their websites on the phone. This means that they manage and update their website even while traveling.

Top Tools for Bloggers

Use tools like WordPress, Bluehost, Yoast SEO Plugin, and SEMrush to increase the outreach of your blog. Read about these tools below.



WordPress is among the best content management systems for websites. It is necessary to have a good CMS to manage a website properly. On WordPress, you can get access to many features that are helpful in starting a successful blogging career. Millions of websites run on WordPress. Users can access their WordPress accounts even from their mobile phones. Even people who don’t know how to code can use the platform. There are many plugins and themes to make usage easier for users. Users can also manage comments, posts, and subscriptions, etc. from their WordPress account.



Bluehost is one of the best website hosting services in the world. It is also recommended by WordPress. Bluehost not only provides dedicated and secure servers to websites, but it also makes sure that your online communication is encrypted. The SSL certificate is a part of the offering and users can experience faster website loading speeds with the hosting service provider. If you buy a hosting plan, then they will also provide you a free domain name.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

This plugin is a must if you are a WordPress user. This plugin comes with many features to make sure your web pages rank high on Google’s SERP. Use the keyword in the titles, descriptions, and slugs for better rankings. The plugin will inform you if your SEO practices are suitable or not. It uses lights to indicate so. If all the lights are green, then it’s all good!



Competition in the blogging world demands that you must update your blog regularly. You can do this by using SEMrush. It is one of the cheapest available SEO tools in the market that will help you in improving the traffic to your blog. The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of the marketing efforts of competitors. It also provides insights regarding their SEO keywords and backlinking strategy.



BuzzSumo is the best tool if you are looking for blogging ideas. With the help of this tool, you can find top-ranking articles. You can also search content against the highest-ranking keywords. Write better content than the one you come across to get ahead of the competition. This will enable you in driving more traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

google analytics

This is the blogging tool that almost all bloggers use. Here, you can check the activities of users on your blog. Google Analytics shows the activity and the number of users interacting with your website in real-time. It also shows users’ location and browsing software. The tool also shows how people came to your website. All of these data analytics allow bloggers to better understand their website statistics.



Quality content writing will attract users fast. When a user likes your content to be user-friendly and authentic, then that reader will definitely return to your website. Grammarly improves written content by taking care of language issues. The software also suggests changes to the content to make it correct. Both paid and free versions of Grammarly are available in the market.



WPForms are an incredibly fast and SEO-friendly form builder for WordPress blogs. The intuitive drag and drop builder makes form creation a breeze. You can also integrate with various tools like email marketing tools, payment processors, web apps, and other useful add-ons. Some of the awesome features that you will get with WPForms are:

  • create an unlimited number of forms.
  • Six editable form templates (more templates available for Pro and Elite license holders).
  • You can use conditional logic to control field visibility.
  • Easily create multipage forms.
  • Form spam protection features.
  • File upload field for accepting files via forms.
  • Advanced field types including date and time fields.
  • Ability to store, view and manage form entries in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Multiple form entry submission confirmation options.
  • Ability to send form entry emails to multiple recipients.
  • Integration with Constant Contact email marketing service (more integration options available with Plus, Pro, and Elite licenses).


WP Rocket is the best and most powerful caching plugin in the world. You can use it to improve the speed of your WordPress site, SEO rankings and conversions. No coding required.

WP Rocket has many functionalities for website optimization. I like it because you automatically activate the basic optimization options upon installation, which is very convenient, because you can see up-front how it improves the speed of the website. I also like it because it has extensive documentation on setting up CDNs, allowing for closer delivery of website content.


These are some of the best and Top Tools for Bloggers. All of these blogging tools make the life of a blogger easier. Not only do they come with unique offerings, but they also allow the bloggers to increase their revenue, improve their site rankings, and strengthen their customer loyalty.

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  1. Thanks Vishwajeet brother for publishing this awesome tools list. Personally WordPress, WP Rocket, and Semrush are my favourite tools that I am using on regular basis.

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  2. Hey Vishwajeet,
    Your post is very helpful and informative. You have mention a good list of tools which is very helpful for bloggers and for me also.
    I uses wordpress,it is very beneficial for blog but it needs cms for better results.
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  3. Hey Vishwajeet,

    Having a best blogging tools, make our life easier as well as save a lot of time that we can utilize to finish other important thing.

    Thanks for sharing great list for blogger.



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