Discovering the insights of the most outstanding website builders

Creating a website from scratch is everything but difficult even for newbies. These days, not having proper coding experience is far from being an obstacle. Everyone with a laptop and a connection to the Internet can work it out – and there is no wonder why since it takes less than half an hour to put everything into the right place.

Today, you have plenty of resources to get inspiration on your own. Tutorials (both written and filmed) are informative enough to help you get going. Not to mention the website builders, specially designed to create your very first website without any help from developers.

Even so, the number of available website builders is quickly growing. Every single option comes with its own features, making the choice harder than expected. It might require both time and effort since it is a long-lasting investment. We have already done the work for you, providing insights into some of the most outstanding website builders on the market today. Keep on reading to discover them – and much more!

What is a website builder?

Knowing how to code is a great skill. It improves your level of expertise while avoiding spending money on website developers. Unfortunately, though, this is not the case for every single one of us, I am afraid.

A website builder is a tool aimed at creating stunning websites without interfering with lines of code. It provides each user with a friendly interface that is easy to use and helps even the non-techy people obtain the website of their dreams.

There are two types of website builders, each one of them having its own method of use:

  • Online website builders are tools that can be accessed through web browsers. They do not have to be downloaded or installed – instead, they are accessed online straight from any technical device;
  • The offline website builders are computer-based software that needs to be downloaded and installed. It generates files that will be further uploaded to a web host. Data will always be accessed from here. However, this option is strongly recommended for people who have prior experience with technicalities.

What are the benefits of a website builders?

Everything is easier to work with when you have a clean workspace – and this is something even website developers agree with. A website builder makes it possible for everyone – absolutely everyone – to set up his or her first website. It is easy, intuitive, and has nothing to deal with with lines of code.

Moreover, you get a ravishing appearance at the expense of fewer than 10 minutes of your life. As expected, each website owner’s self-esteem will automatically increase, as soon as he notices the major changes out there. Overall, a website builder is a great pick for saving up both time and money.

Which are the best picks of website builders?

Website builders are amazing. This is why the number of them is high enough to make your choice more difficult than ever. Some of them have impressive templates, whereas the others require smaller fees – or none at all. Should you be looking for functionalities more than appearance, some of the most outstanding picks are:


Wix is quite common. For years, it has invested an arm and a leg into marketing while growing a powerful image and social presence. It had been established back in 2006 in Tel Aviv; ever since, it grew office buildings in more than 12 locations, making the service available to the entire world.

There is great stuff to put forth about Wix. It has a great user interface, managed through a drag-and-dropping technique. The number and design of the templates are impressive, not to mention the rest of its features. However, the bad news is that you will need the paid version if you aim at getting the entire experience. As for the free version, all you get is a sub-domain that looks pretty much like this: Once you go for the premium version and decide to monthly pay the 13-dollar fee, none of these will be still bothering you.

2. Site123. com

Are you constantly looking for someone to help you with the software that you have just bought? If so, you might wish to consider It has the best customer support, being online 24/7 in the chatbox.

One of the greatest benefits of is the no-adverts feature. It means that every time a visitor accesses your website for the first time, no advertising will show up. Not only is it impressive, but it is also a great method to make your visitors come back for more. Surfing on pages filled with advertising spots is definitely not a complete pleasure.

Please note that Site123 provides default templates, which cannot be changed or modified. All of these are outdated too; still, the 11 types of website categories will help you make do (Portfolio, music, CV, and many more).

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3. Weebly. com

Working with a friendly user interface is bliss for most website owners. There are already some nasty areas where things are meant to be either tough or illogical; however, the user interface should not be one of them.

Every website created using Weebly can be accessed online, right on the hosted platform. In addition, the SEO prompts are made automatically ready to improve your website. The good news is that all of these are included within the package, helping you save money while not paying for extra options separately.

However, not being able to be as creative as you would like while using Weebly might be an obstacle for creative users. On the other hand, the number of features provided in the free plan is quite low. Nonetheless, when you least expect it, you might find it rather annoying to see them pop-up ad which are usually placed in the top corner.

Final thoughts

Employing a website builder to create an exhaustive website either for a business or as a personal project is a great deal. Regardless of your expectations, you might be amazed at the ease of use (and reduction of time) when compared to the traditional ways of building a website. Try it on your own and see the results, with no fees implied – should you go for the free version.

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