How To Increase Affiliate Sales

Everyone wants to increase Affiliate sales but not everyone knows how to increase Affiliate Sales.

If you run an affiliate site that is not generating more visitors which ultimately results in less pay-per-click then you need to check out these amazing tips to increase affiliate sales.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting a product or service and the promoter receives a commission for each successful sale.

Companies want to promote their products and affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of advertising their products. It allows affiliate marketers to share their own experience that relates to customers. It results in massive conversion rates and more leads.

11 Useful Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales

If you belong to affiliate marketing as an affiliate, you might wonder how you can maximize your sales to generate more income. So we have curated some useful tips for you to implement on your affiliate marketing journey.  

Here are 11 useful tips that you can follow to increase affiliate sales and start running a profitable affiliate business.

1. Create Comparison Pages and Listicles

Creating comparison pages and listicles helps your affiliate sales for a long way.  Savvy online shoppers can be more decisive with a prominent comparison page and listicles.

Once you find your niche market then exploring a good comparison site can be very beneficial. You can generate attractive income with a full-fledged comparison page. Depending on your niche, you can make a comparison of prices, features, reviews, and ratings. 

Do not add unnecessary things on the comparison page. You can conduct thorough research about your affiliate site and your niche to determine your comparison page. 

Listicles also help your readers or shoppers compare products properly. You can use WordPress plugins like AAWP for Amazon Affiliate sites.

2. Target Right Audience

To target the right audience, you need to understand your product or service. Learn the purpose of that product. What geographical location has the product’s demand and what age does your product cater towards? 

Another way to narrow it down to a more specific audience is to know the income level of people who generally purchase such products. 

There are a handful of tools like social media analytics to analyze insights about your follower’s values, lifestyles, and interests.

Once you understand your target audience you can create customer profiles.

3. Stick To One Product At a Given Time

When a company or a business grows, it is very tempting for those franchises to expand their product markets. In this way, they lost the touch of focus on that one product that gave them growth.

Many marketing niches need to stick to one product at a given time for exponential growth rather than linear. 

When you start creating great marketing content and blogs for your affiliate site consisting of only one type of product, you will be able to generate leads and more conversions. 

Many companies have achieved great success by sticking to one product. You need to tap into the trend in the market and keep the research constant for knowing when to change your niche and when to keep working on the same product.

4. Use Exit Intent Pop-up Banners

Using Exit intent pop-up banners is not a must-follow tip to increase affiliate sales. However, many marketers have seen a drastic change in their websites traffic using Exit Intent pop-up banners.

If you are not familiar with what an Exit intent pop-up banner is, it is a pop-up banner when a user has clicked the close or exit button on a certain shopping page. The pop banner works as the promoter of that product or service to an extent. It allows the users to think twice before exiting. 

You can start with an experiment and see the results in a few months. You will be amazed to know that tons of people revert when they see an exit-intent pop-up banner.

5. Add Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

Getting affiliate links is not easy that is why most of the readers in an affiliate site scans through the page to see that affiliate link. Adding the “Calls-to-Action” button can help your readers spot the link. Well, in this case, it will be in the form of a button.

Having a proper CTA button can help you increase the number of CTA you get on your affiliate site. The conversion rate can also improve drastically. 

If your affiliate site is based on CMS like WordPress then you can easily use one of the in-built “button” features to add a call-to-action button. You can customize the CTA.

6. Write Product Review as Case Studies

Content in a written format has the power to convince a customer to purchase a certain product or service.

If you write a product review as a Case study, the chances of your readers buying that product you wrote about increase drastically. Case Studies are an effective way of converting leads into customers.

They help your brand to have a topical authority by enhancing how that product can solve a real-life problem. With a product review based on case studies, your readers can get an idea of how their problem can be solved realistically.

7. Get More Organic Traffic

When people look for a product or a service on the internet, you want them to look for the one you are selling. This is why it is important to create a website that attracts organic traffic to your site.

If you fail to create content that does not appeal to your target audience then your audience will go to your competitors.

Optimize the SEO of your site by targeting keywords, using optimal hosting, creating astonishing content, and learning what the readers are anticipating when they come to your site. 

You must also post regularly and try to gain backlinks from high-authority websites as well. It is important to make sure your on-op-page SEO factors are done right.

8. Start a Mailing List

If you want to thrive as an affiliate marketer whose main objective is to increase sales through affiliates then you need to build a community through email marketing. 

Not only you will increase your reach on the internet, but you will also get more attention to your content.

One thing you need to remember is that using an affiliate link in your email marketing can make your audience back off or reject the offer since it will seem like the mail is spam. Use highly curated and useful articles instead of emails to promote your affiliate links. Give them articles to read in your email marketing and then lead them to your affiliate links via those articles.

9. Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Affiliates can be long and at times they do not look professionally presented on affiliate sites. Common users who may not have a good grip on technology are likely to find these types of links scary and scams.

These are even more obnoxious with the limited information about on which website it will redirect the user when clicking it.

If you want your affiliate links to look presentable then you have to clock your affiliate links. You can create affiliate URLs using link clocking that will shorten or make your link look amazing. 

Cloaking your affiliate links can make your audience click it without hesitation and will lead to more conversion. Another tip when presenting an affiliate link is to include affiliate disclosure to ensure your audience that it is a paid advertisement and is a promoted product or service.

10. Create (Or Update) Your “Tools” Webpage

It does not matter what your niche is, it is highly beneficial and important to create a webpage listing your go-to tools for your affiliate site. Your followers who want to make their affiliate sites would love to know the tools that you use to create your affiliate sites.

You can grab an opportunity to promote tools that you use via affiliate links. You can make affiliate sales from your own Go to tools webpage and your followers will trust the service since you are also using them.

Keep updating your lists of tools that you use and link each tool to conversion-optimized pages. Create useful content like reviews and comparison articles. Lastly, make sure that your “tools” page is easily accessible to people who entered your site.

11. Try Different Affiliate Networks

Starting an affiliate site is not as easy as it seems. There is no denying that you started affiliate marketing to earn some money off of your affiliate site.

Multiple affiliate networks cater to various needs and requirements of the type of product or service you want to sell on your affiliate site. 

Affiliate networks provide different merchants and millions of products for you to promote on your affiliate site. This is why trying different affiliate networks can be beneficial especially if the one you are currently using does not generate the result that you want.


To achieve success as an affiliate, you need to ensure that every aspect of your affiliate marketing site is catered towards genuine paying customers. With the mentioned tips above, you will be able to increase your affiliate sales exponentially.

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